What UNII does

 Bandiera Unione Navigazione


The Italian Inland Navigation Union  (UNII) has as  purposes  the promotion and the coordination of all  activities of the  navigation internal and fluvio-maritime sector. With the law 380/90 “Aid for the establishment of the waterway Padano Veneto system ” an institutional role has been assigned to the association about the programming of waterways.


In particular UNII:

  • Keeps dealing with national authorities, regional and local and with organisms and national operators and International industry also in order to contribute to the elaboration of plans and programs;
  • Expresses its opinion about the multiannual plan of the Waterway Padano Veneto system following up art. 2 of Law 380/90;
  • Promotes and organizes initiatives, conferences, Meetings, seminars, participates in exhibitions and national and International fairs with its stand, for a best implementation of national plans, interregional and regional related and connected to inland waterways and harbors, for the commercial traffic and tourism;
  • Promotes and conducts studies and research relating to the subject of navigation internal and river legislation, collects publications and documentation of industry in a specialized library;
  • Together with its operators creates catalogs with Italian routes to discover through navigation the internal waters. As a form of alternative tourism in relation to the environment and to discover what the area offers walking slowly through our waters rivers, waterways, lakes and lagoons;
  • Join European projects aimed to promotion of waterways and to the development of waterway network in order to connect the Italian lines usable with the rest of Europe. The projects to which Unii took part are: The project NINA Net and the project Log PAC. The experience gained from these project activities was collected in three volumes of best practices available at the library association.